In Wichita, Every Homeowner Needs a DIY Security System

In Wichita, every homeowner needs to have installed at least some sort of a DIY security system. With crime rates famous throughout the country, weather that makes national headlines at times, and packed communities that bring with them inherent dangers and risks, anyone without some sort of a security system is frankly asking for it.

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We’ve all heard statistics about how bad the crime is in our neighborhood, and we’ve all watched dismal and horrifying morning news at times, but the truth of the matter is that we live in a very turbulent and relatively unsafe place. Neighborhood Scout puts us in the 4th percentile for how safe our city is compared to other cities in the United States. That’s terrible. Our annual crime rates are rated by the same organization at 2,781 violent crimes per year and 21,198 property crimes per year. That’s 7.43 violent crimes per 1000 people per year, and nearly 55 property crimes per 1000 per year. In other words, 1 in 18 citizens of Wichita is liable to experience a property crime this year. Our overall crimes per square mile per year is a whopping 146—every neighborhood that takes up a square mile is liable to experience nearly 150 crimes every year!

So no, however much we may try to say that this is the problem of other people, other areas, or other generations; the crime in Wichita is rampant and touches our communities more than we may realize. So what to do about it?

For individual families, the best solution to these disgusting crime rates is to prevent crime from entering our homes by installing security systems. Security systems are generally designed to do a few things. They help to keep criminals at bay by making your home look like less of an easy target. They sound the alarm and try to scare off any criminals who do strike. They capture surveillance to help identify and track down anyone who does strike or anyone who is looking around the house suspiciously. Modern Living 135032785They sound the alarm if a fire is started or if toxic carbon monoxide gas leaks from one of your appliances into the home. Overall, they protect your physical safety.

Security systems take many shapes and sizes; encompass a broad cost spectrum; and range from simple physical lockdown equipment to high-tech sensor, surveillance, and alarm technologies. DIY home security systems can encompass any of these types or levels of security. Obviously, more advanced home security systems require more money for the technology and parts. They also require a great deal more planning, have more extensive and complicated installation procedures, and require more skill and ingenuity to form into one cohesive unit. The more advanced you go, the safer you will be, but the harder it will be to put together. So, as with anything to do with security, the best option tends to be enlisting the help of professionals. Professional home security services bundle together many security options, often at more affordable rates than purchasing the individual components and everything needed to go the DIY route.

Whatever you do, don’t delay installing some basic security measures to protect your family and property from the crime that unfortunately makes Wichita so famous. For more information about home alarm systems, call 866-565-4305 to talk with a professional.