DIY Home Automation Makes Everything Manageable Wherever You Go

You may have heard of DIY home automation and wondered what it is all about. It sounds sort of like something that would be a concern of the Jetsons rather than of citizens of Wichita. But we are entering a new age, where a lot of automation has become possible through advancing technologies.

Senior couple looking at a mobile tablet 477254817One of the coolest new ways to automate your life is with your mobile device. Whether you have a Windows phone, a Droid, an iPhone, or something else; there are a number of apps that you can download for automation purposes. They will let your smartphone become a universal remote of sorts that you can carry with you over long distances and use to control, check on, and automate different aspects of your home.

Devices For Home Automation

Obviously there is a bit of hardware involved that requires installing so that different processes have receivers for wireless messages from your cell phone and vice versa; your phone can’t just tell your coffee maker to brew coffee unless you have installed something in your coffee maker to let it receive and obey the message. The cool thing is, such technology exists. You can do everything from opening doors and turning on the oven to starting your car and shutting off unused lights with your phone.Home automation 4 468692317

One of the most useful automation tools out there, though, is the ability to monitor your home from afar. With the right equipment installed in your home, your smartphone can show you the status of all of your alarms that you have set around the house to protect it from criminal and accidental damage. You can check on your surveillance systems and make sure that everything is running smoothly. You can tap into your intercom system to say something to the kids while you’re at work. You can even turn on a monitor near the ground to make a video call to your dogs and tell them you love them.

An interesting energy-saving (and potentially money-saving) measure you can take is to control your thermostat and lights from your phone. A home automation system can warn you if the temperature gets too cold in the house—in the middle of the winter, a broken heater can mean that pipes begin to freeze and burst if you don’t get wise to it very quickly. A home automation system can let you know if there are lights that have been on all day in rooms where nothing is happening—in fact, home automation can make it so that lights are only on in rooms where there is something happening. This can help you to save money and energy.

136169892-home-automationMobile device-controlled home automation gives you a lot of freedom. It gives you the ability to be at home and check up on things even when you’re not really able to physically at home. It gives you the freedom to have peace of mind about what’s going on at home while you’re away. It gives you the capacity to regulate your energy expenditure with the thermostat and the lights. Perhaps most importantly, it might give you the opportunity to connect with the family even if all of them are going to be asleep by the time you get back from work.

The actual wiring, choosing of components, research on which apps will work and be compatible with the type of home automation you want, and purchasing of all of this technology separately rather than in a bundle can be a hassle for do-it-yourselfers. There are simple things that you can automate by yourself, but to really get a comprehensive automation system, you will always have the best results if you invest in a home automation service that can do the job professionally.