How to Do a DIY Wireless Home Security System

A bare necessity of living in Wichita or any city is coming up with a DIY wireless home security system. Wireless sounds more complicated to some people perhaps, but it isn’t. Let’s go over some of the basics.

The first DIY wireless home security measures you can take are so wireless, they don’t even have electricity in them at all. No, the most basic home security measures you should take are very simple: locks are amazing things.IMG_0231_2 Make sure that you have good locks on every door that you have that leads outside of the house. Such measures are the first defense against criminals and will turn away less determined petty thieves who are just looking to sneak into an unlocked door and make off with something to sell.

There are, unfortunately, more determined thieves in most neighborhoods than that, though. Lock picks are not just a fantasy in James Bond movies—no, they are real. Something you should install on every door is a deadbolt—ideally, a deadbolt that can only be opened from the inside. These are difficult to break through, and doing so requires a housebreaker to actually shatter the wood or metal frame of the door, which is a lot harder than shattering a window.

Wireless Options

Which brings us to the next basic “wireless” home security measure you should take—put locks on your windows. 769832_59120846A window without a lock on it is a very easy way for a criminal to enter the premises. They can remove or cut through a screen easily enough, and pushing the window up is a snap. Some windows come with a very simple sliding lock already on them that keeps the windows closed in a storm, but with enough force and jiggling, some of these simple locks can be unlocked fairly easily. The same goes for sliding glass doors—the lock on the handle of many sliding glass doors is designed to keep a seal from the outside, but not necessarily to keep an intruder from entering. You can purchase more secure locks for windows; also, deadbolts exist that are designed for sliding glass doors. These will make it necessary for the intruder to actually shatter the glass in order to enter.

Now, with bolted doors and windows, you have sent away the most casual kinds of criminals. This is a step that needs to be done in every house, especially in the city of Wichita. But there are more determined and more experienced criminals in the world. One way to get rid of them is with another wireless security measure—but this one is actually electrical.

Infrared motion sensor 466282673Passive infrared receivers (PIRs) can be purchased for a relatively inexpensive price online and connected to lights around the outside of your house and alarms on the inside. Passive infrared receivers are basically sensors that detect moving, warm objects such as criminals that come close to the house. As soon as they detect someone near the house, they can send a wireless message to the lights to turn on. The majority of criminals will run if they think they have been detected, so many will run away if this happens. For those who won’t, some PIRs around the inside perimeter of the house can send a wireless message to an alarm to go off if the criminals manage to get inside. The majority of criminals will run away if they hear an alarm.

Now, the safest way to protect yourself against every class of criminal is to purchase a home security service that monitors your alarms 24/7, because there will be the rare and scary kind of criminal who does not run away if an alarm goes off. Security monitoring services are relatively affordable ways to ensure that the police get there quickly if an alarm does go off.