It’s a Simple Thing to Install a DIY Home Alarm System

Wichita homeowners need at least to have a DIY home alarm system to combat the elements and other possible dangers. Flood and fire damage can cost a fortune and be dangerous; carbon monoxide poisoning is frightening and deadly. Without alarms to inform you if there is something going on, you may be in for unexpected expenses.


Man sitting in flooded living room using phone, low section 73271468There is nothing like waking up on a lovely-seeming Sunday morning, taking a nice warm shower, and skipping down the stairs to get breakfast ready as you contemplate the fun things you’re going to do in the day you have off from work. You think of the friends you’re going to meet up with for lunch, the novel you’ve been waiting for the weekend to read, and the fact that you’re going to get to take as many naps today as you want to. Then you open the basement door, and a nightmare comes to life in front of your eyes. The floors are soaking wet, perhaps even with standing water. Your furniture is wet too, for who knows how long, and everything has the horrible, telling smell of mildew. Gone are your plans for the day. Gone is this month’s paycheck. Gone is the basement floor, and the fresh paint that you put on the newly finished basement walls last week. Your furniture will have to be thrown out, the carpet torn up, the ruined drywall taken out and replaced… What a nightmarish Sunday.

Wichita has been in headlines in recent years for flooding. Floods cause all sorts of problems for homeowners, and can be extremely expensive. One of the worst things to do with a flood, though, is to wait for any amount of time with water sitting in your home. Sitting water exacerbates the problem as mold and mildew start to accumulate, walls and items touching the floor get soggier and soggier, and the level of water rises.

Floods aren’t merely the result of nature—sometimes they come from burst pipes, leaking appliances such as a dishwasher, or from an overflowing sink or toilet. In such cases, it’s not only the basement that’s at risk, but the ceiling of the floors below such sources of potential flooding. In extreme cases, if left for long enough, water damage might actually compromise the integrity of ceilings and floors in multi-level houses.

Devices That Fight Floods and Other Natural Disasters

Planificacion security systems 174481579A way that you can stem the severity of a flood is by installing an alarm system that detects water and flooding at key points in the house. The basement, for example, is a great place for such detectors because flooding that comes from outside will likely affect the basement first. But flood and seepage detectors should also be placed in other critical areas such as laundry and utility rooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, near the water heater, etc. An alarm can save you untold amounts of money that restoration companies may charge to repair flood damage.

The same principle applies to both fire and carbon monoxide risks. There are certain places in your house from which a fire or a carbon monoxide leak are more likely to occur—these are areas where special care should be taken to place alarms so that no disastrous accident threatens you or the rest of your family’s safety.

In all three types of accidental and catastrophic accidents that we’ve discussed (floods, fires, and carbon monoxide leaks), there is always the risk that an alarm won’t be effective in helping because alarms only work if someone is around to hear them. If you are away, catastrophic damage can occur to your house and to any pets living in it without alarms really doing anything to stop what is happening. Many neighbors, even if they hear alarms, won’t be willing to go stick their head in your door to see what’s going on. So a professional home security service is always going to be the most reliable way to go—24 hour monitoring of alarms ensures that even if you are out of the house for some reason, you will be notified and the right help can be sent to stop the problem before it’s too late.